Outbound Sales Expert, Cold Caller, Telemarketer, Appointment Setter, Business Developer

"I go the Extra Mile for my Clients."

"It's Sell or Die because Sales is the Lifeblood of all Businesses."

I Help Companies Grow

I have helped Start-up Companies, High Profile Clients and Small Business Owners, including the following to illustrate some:

♡ Small Business Owners like Clarence Hines of Controls Automation Consultants, Atty. Jason Farbiarz of National Appraisers, Carl John Fechner of Internet Secrets Made Easy, Daniel Jansen of Staff.Direct, Hani Faraj of Vancouver House Finders, Craig Brown of Just-In-Time Recruiting, Gerardo Campbell of Support for Stepdads, Olayomi Ajose of ONC Marketing, Greg Lipper of Happi Singapore, Juraj Kocar of Somavedic, Andrew Day of Caldertech, Sharron Tancred of The Mural Shop, Miki Jones of AMJ Investment Group, Daniel Bordiziano of CoreSell, Matthew Smith of Symmetry Financial Group, Ehsaan Ansari of FargoTime QBI Canada, Adam Moore of Graphik Pulse.

♡ Startup Companies including Quantum Star Systems, Synergy Healthcare, Player’s Health, Land Intelligence, Piranha Tank, Special Learning, Caldertech, Dr. Numb, Orthly, GalaxyMobile, Xchain, Alkali60, Weeda Tech, Plenstone, Smartbilder, Ecommnect, Cloud Concept, GameCam, See The Room, Air Wave International, Ramokane International, Ursa Extracts, Bear Extraction House, Gravenhurst Marketing, Sairus Logic, Abracademo, RightPlace Consulting LLC

♡ Life Coaches worldwide like America’s Life Coach Stephen Lovegrove, David Riklan of Self-Growth, Ed JC Smith of Champion Academy, Veronica Trufasu of Orgasmology, Yollana Shore of Awakening Leadership, Paul Juchima of Oi Media, Marija Simeunovic of Leap and Lead

♡ Artists, Composers and Singers like Marina Makarova a Film Composer in Russia, Erica Romeo a Songwriter in Italy, Tyson Nyles a Disc Jockey and Founder of SIFA Events DJs in Australia, Reach Out Music Founder Tim Robinson, American Idol Chris Sligh, Commercial Model Lisa Bree Hoggarth in Australia, Janz a Rising Artist on SessionsLive

What I Do

"I create an Outbound Sales Strategy for my Clients, then implement it with Precision and Efficiency."

"Exceptional skill at understanding the purpose of the project and improving methods to accomplish goals. Not just someone who can follow instructions, but someone who can take instructions, improve upon them, and ensure top end execution."
Kyle Rolek
President and Certified Financial Planner at Rolek Retirement Strategies

How Does It Work

We'll Just Go Through These 4 Easy Steps


Let's Have a Quick Discussion

I am all ears for you on our first meeting. Tell me your story, your dreams and goals for your company and how you plan to achieve it. I am a great listener.


Understanding Your Business

It will take me to study and understand your business for me to create my sales strategy. Study your target market and how you acquire and retain customers into your business.


Delivering the Strategy

Based on your facts and figures, I will create a robust Outbound Sales Strategy addressing the sales dilemma that your company is facing. Implement it with precision thereby hitting your sales goal and thriving in your community. 


You Can Now Enjoy the Results

All you need to do is sit back, relax and see your company grow and co-exist with your competitors in the market. Are you ready to take the journey with me? It will be a difficult and painstaking but a sweet one.

"Jerome is an excellent employee with lots of passion. His experience in sales and prospecting speaks volumes with the results he produces. The company assigned me with the task of on-boarding new clients in the Philippines; Jerome made this task more achievable by applying his sales process and professionalism. He hits his targets and communication is an industry standard. Jerome is dedicated, loyal, and even offers valuable inputs. He is an asset to any company and deserves a 5-star rating."
Steven Saczkowski
Agency and Brand Solutions at Galaxy Mobile

Rudolf Jerome Ragay

Outbound Sales Expert, Cold Caller, Telemarketer, Appointment Setter, Business Developer

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